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Ellen’s YouTube Movie Inspired By NURV’s "Chronicles of Rick Roll"

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 11, 2011 The producers behind the YouTube meme filled movie “The Chronicles of Rick Roll” starring Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow guy and others seem to have some furry competition. Ellen DeGeneres announced today on her show that she felt that “a bunch of YouTube stars were left out” of “The Chronicles of Rick Roll“, and that she has decided to make a YouTube movie about her favorite YouTube stars. “More than a Feline”, featuring the most popular cats online, is bound to be a success among cat lovers worldwide. It stars “Cat the Crosses His Legs”, “Cat That Rides a Spider”, among others. The trailer for “More than a Feline” is set to “More Than A Feeling” by Boston, and labels the movie as “meowsome”, a term Ellen coined as the “new winning”.

“The Chronicles of Rick Roll” is being produced by Andrew Fischer of Colorado Springs based NURV, and was announced in May. It boasts an all star YouTube cast including Antoine Dodson of the “Bed Intruder Song”, Bear Vasquez of “Double Rainbow”, Ben Schulz as “Leeroy Jenkins”, Stephen and Jack Quire of “The Greatest Freakout Ever”, Brian Collins of “Boom Goes the Dynamite”, and Gary Brolsma of the world renowned “Numa Numa” lip sync video. Additional YouTube stars rumored to be in talks with the producers include Ted Williams, “The Man With the Golden Voice”, and Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan, the team behind Blame Society Productions and “Chad Vader”. Kim Lee of “The Hangover Part II” is also involved. This film has not yet been shot, but a four minute concept trailer has been making headlines worldwide, and can be seen on the films official website


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