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3D Casino & Poker

Graphic Design

You want your brand to look phenomenal and so do we—and so do your customers, they just don’t know it yet. We create stunning visual elements for any industry where looks matter.

If your games looked this good, people would love playing them.

3D Casino Game & Poker Graphic Design

We’ve had the privilege of working with several major online casino and social casino clients. In order to respect our clients’ privacy, we often times are asked to enter into non-disclosure agreements. Therefore, not all of our work is included in our portfolio. Here are some of the types of projects we have completed.

  • Online casino and social casino game graphic design, i.e. 3D poker tables and avatars, blackjack tables, etc.
  • UI/UX design and graphicas implementation for online casino gameplay
  • Promo stills and in-game stills
  • 3D poker avatars, props, etc. created to client specifications.
  • 3D renders of cut-scenes and other game related animations

3d Casino and Poker Game Graphics We've Built for Clients

3D Game Table Models

We’ll build custom 3D models to match the table games on your game floor. We’ll even fly out and take pictures of your games in order to create proportional models with perfect textures. Don’t have a physical location? We’ll design unique tables to your specifications.

3D Game Environments

We’ll build any environment you can imagine. Want your video game to match your brick and mortar look and feel? Want to create more of a fantasy feel? We’ve built countless 3D gaming environments for various purposes. Let’s talk about yours!

3D Animated Avatars

Want to let your players play as custom 3D characters? We’ve built several sets of avatars for our clients, including fully animated 3D human characters. Whether you want classic “James Bond” or mermaids and robots, we’ve done it all. Let us bring your game’s avatars to life!

User Interface Designs

We’ve designed interfaces that work with some of the top gaming platforms on the planet. Simply provide us with the specifications and layout that your game requires, and we’ll create a custom user experience for your players. If you’re developing your game entirely, we can create a fully-customized UIX as well.

Promotional 3D Renders

What game is complete without beautiful promotional imagery? We’ll create images that practically beg “click me”. Depending on your needs, we can also create custom lettering and marketing materials that compliment your game graphics.

3D Animated Cut Scenes

Want to introduce your game to players with a fully-animated 3D cut scene? By creating such an animation, we’ll all but take your players by the hand and guide them to their seats. They’ll love the totally immersive experience of feeling like they’re IN the game.

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