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Grand Strand Films Website Build

Grand Strand Films is a film production company out of South Carolina that focuses on acquiring, developing, producing, and releasing independent, full-length motion pictures.


Grand Strand Films


Branding, Website

The Goal

Grand Strand Films approached us to create a logo and website for their film production company.

We were not given specific requirements, other than it needed to look good and convey the scope and grandeur of the types of projects they were tackling as a company.

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The First Impression

The first thing we wanted people to see when the landed on the homepage was something big. We chose an overview shot of a baseball stadium.

But that wasn’t big enough. We wanted to hit this one out of the park—pun intended.

So we took the image and made it into a video with subtle motion and clouds gently blowing by.

We used this in the hero section of the homepage to add an energy to the site.

The Website

We built this site completely in WordPress. It’s optimized for mobile, fully responsive, and built for speed.

The copy was generally provided to us, but we did help with the hero section tagline.

The Visuals

Aside from the hero section background video, we also were tasked with designing a logo for the company.

Since Grand Strand, South Carolina is famous for its beaches, the client requested that motif be used in the logo.

We provided a hand-drawn palm tree with a gradient sunset as well as solid color options.

The Result

We and the client were both pleased with how the project turned out. It was a small website project, but as the company grows, there are many things that can be done to scale the site to properly showcase Grand Strand Films in coming years.

Mark Riddle

“I had a wonderful experience working with Andrew at NURV in creating our company website. They are very creative and gave us the perfect feel for our entertainment company.”

—Mark Riddle, Executive Producer, Grand Strand Films

To learn more about Grand Strand Films, visit their website here.

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