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PopMalt is an online magazine featuring entertainment, pop culture, and humor-related news and stories.




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The Goal

PopMalt was founded by NURV’s CEO Andrew Fischer. In 2015, the site was in need of a rename and rebrand, but also an expansion and new build-out.

Originally a forum, its scope was shifted to focus primarily on producing and publishing shareable content (articles and videos) in the entertainment space.

The goal was to create a brand that had a big feel to it while focusing on fun and positive vibes. i.e. It was not going to be a gossip or negative news source.

It would need an entire brand build-out, not just a website. 

We designed the logo, brand imagery, colors, video promotions, etc.

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The First Impression

In an effort to incite positive feelings, we turned loosely to a mix between a 50’s retro vibe and a more modern pop approach.

In this particular video clip, we went largely in the direction of the former, however this is just one example, as we’ve also used modern pop-style music in other brand videos.

The tagline is simple enough and the idea is clear: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel good.

The Website

Since the former brand was a forum exclusively, there was no suitable CMS system in place when we commenced the rebrand and relaunch.

We went with WordPress, which is typically our first choice when developing this type of website.

It’s a highly-customized install with several plugins built specifically for social sharing and content publishing.

We utilized WooCommerce for the store, complete with pixel tracking, catalog remarketing on Facebook and Google Ads, as well as Google Shopping integration.

For the forum, we shifted from vBulletin software to XenForo. While we were more familiar with vBulletin (having over 10 years of experience working with it), XenForo offered a faster and more streamlined experience and we felt vBulletin was too bulky for PopMalt’s needs at the time.

The Visuals

We designed the logo as well as various images used throughout the brand.

When PopMalt began acquiring press passes to entertainment events, we were able to produce the necessary physical items such as branded mic flags.

We also produced video branding for PopMalt, including lower thirds, an animated bumper, and an end screen for YouTube. All of which can be seen in the following video.

Fun fact: Our CEO works on a lot of PopMalt’s videos and is featured in several of them. Looking to produce humorous videos or commercials for your brand? Let’s talk!

The Result

Ultimately, we are pleased with how the project turned out and continues to develop. 

Managing the brand itself is an ongoing and complex project, but it has proven to be both fun and rewarding. If you’re looking to build out a media brand or even just a content publishing side of your business, we’d love to have a conversation with you about how that could look.

You can visit PopMalt live on the web here.

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