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The Sports King Website Build

The Sports King, hosted by broadcasting veteran Jamie King, airs Monday through Friday from 10 am to 12 noon. on Sports Radio 106.1 in Richmond, VA.

The Sports King covers the big sports stories of the day across the country, regionally, and locally.


The Sports King on 106.1 CBS Radio


Branding, Website, E-Mail Marketing, Podcast Management

The Sports King Homepage

The Goal

The Sports King radio show approached us to build their digital presence from the ground up.

Jamie King, the host of the show, needed a simple, yet clean website to showcase show information as well as feature sponsors. He also wanted to build out some email automation for followers of the show to join his Sports King Nation mailing list.

With limited social media experience, he expressed interest in consulting with us as well as having us manage some of his social media. Lastly, he needed a way to distribute the show to those who missed it live.

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The First Impression

Right off the bat, we wanted to brand The Sports King as an authority in the sports world. We chose an overhead blimp-style establishing shot as the hero section.

Since we didn’t have access to a blimp or footage from a blimp, we did the next best approach and pieced together this video from a static image and a little After Effects magic.

The subtle clouds moving over the stadium were a nice touch as well.

The Website

We built this site completely in WordPress. It’s optimized for mobile, fully responsive, and built for speed.

The homepage features several large content blocks for individual sponsors of the show, a requirement based on contractual arrangements with each sponsor.

The Visuals

Along with designing The Sports King logo, we also created various promotional graphics for social media, podcasts, etc.

The Result

This was a simple build for a new show, but we look forward to enhancing and expanding the site as the show grows in popularity.

Jamie King

“When I found out my sports radio show was moving to live during the morning drive time, I turned to NURV to take my website to the next level. They absolutely hit it out of the park!”

—Mark Riddle, Host, The Sports King Show on 106.1 FM, CBS Sports Radio

To learn more about The Sports King, visit the show’s website here.

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