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Internet Meme Movie ‘Rick Roll’ Gears For Hollywood, Picks Up New Stars


Internet Meme Movie ‘Rick Roll’ Gears For Hollywood, Picks Up New Stars

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., May 25, 2011 – The Internet meme-filled movie “The Chronicles of Rick Roll”, featuring YouTube sensations such as Antoine Dodson (Hide Yo’ Kids) and Bear Vasquez (Double Rainbow), has recruited nearly a dozen additional viral celebrities to appear in the film. NURV, the production company which announced the film with a concept trailer in March 2011, has recently completed a detailed story treatment that has caught the attention of top Hollywood executives. According to “Rick Roll” Executive Producer Andrew Fischer, “The story and idea itself is much bigger than the concept trailer implies. We’ve written an intriguing action adventure that feels much more like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ than ‘Vampires Suck’ or ‘Meet the Spartans’. It’s an epic blockbuster first and foremost, not a spoof movie.”

The writing team, which includes Fischer, has taken some creative liberties with the feature-length story compared to the plot-line implied in the YouTube trailer. The core concept still revolves around characters entering an “Internet world” populated by Internet stars. From there, however, things delve into a deeper and more complex dilemma. Rick and Allison work for a quantum-computing bio-technology company that has created the first portal to a completely digital and self-sustaining reality. When this man-made paradise meets corporate corruption and greed, the floodgates of disaster are opened. The result is a dexterously humorous, suspense-filled fantasy that appeals to movie lovers as a whole.

Since the film’s announcement, numerous viral Internet stars have been introduced to the already exciting cast of Internet “Avengers”. New talent slated to appear in the movie includes Mark Hicks (Afro Ninja), Catie Wayne (Boxxy), Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda (Chad Vader), Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), Michael Copper (Copper Cab), David DeVore (David After Dentist), Judson Laipply (Evolution of Dance), and Ted Williams (Man with the Golden Voice). Collectively, the current cast accounts for over two billion views across the Internet. Associate Producer and marketing expert Brian D. Evans said “The marketing potential alone is phenomenal. By appealing to our cast’s enormous fanbases, we’ll witness one of the largest viral campaigns ever devised for a motion picture.” An up-to-date cast list along with the concept trailer can be seen on the film’s official website


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