YouTube Stars Antoine Dodson, Double Rainbow Guy, Numa Numa Among Cast in ‘The Chronicles of Rick Roll’ Movie

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Top YouTube memes are gearing to play inhabitants of a fantasy internet world in the feature length movie “The Chronicles of Rick Roll“. Colorado-based NURV ( is producing the film, which places more than half a dozen of the most famous viral video celebrities into an epic journey through the “world of the wide web”. The trailer has already attracted a host of mainstream media networks including CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. CNN featured a front page exclusive story on Monday:

The film chronicles a character named Richard Rolland as he attempts to rescue a girl he meets online (Allison) who quite literally gets trapped in the web. Once “online”, they find themselves pulled into a much larger quest. This world is “more savage than you would think”, says Ben Schulz’ character “Leeroy Jenkins” in the newest trailer released Monday on the film’s official website ( Real life popup ads, viruses, afro ninjas, and even trolls are among the journey’s motley villain crew. Current cast members include Antoine Dodson of the “Bed Intruder Song”, Bear “Double Rainbow” Vasquez, Ben “Leeroy Jenkins” Schulz, Brian “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Collins, Stephen “Freakout Kid” Quire, his brother Jack, and Gary “Numa Numa” Brolsma. Fans can suggest additional memes for inclusion in the film by posting on the movie’s Facebook page (

Executive producer and writer Andrew Fischer noted, “As longtime fans of internet jokes and trends, we felt it was time to bring these concepts to the big screen. Rather than a cliché spoof movie, we have actually created an intriguing storyline for this ‘epic comedy’. We’re taking the most viral memes, giving them weapons, and putting them on an epic quest through Middle Internet – filled with all sorts of twists, surprises, “lulz”, and of course, pirates.”

Official filming has not yet begun, however, preliminary production of a full length ‘concept trailer’ based on the treatment has already been completed. NURV hopes the success of this trailer and overwhelming public demand for a the feature length movie will attract Hollywood producers looking for innovative new projects. “The initial public reaction has been extremely positive,” Fischer observed. “And perhaps the most lucrative element from a distribution standpoint is that this film will quite literally market itself.”



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  • Bryan Suppan

    i cant wait to c this movie!!!

  • dokvald

    I so can’t wait for this to come out. (it is real right.)

  • Missy Leigh

    I think this is amazing. I’m glad Andrew embraced this concept for his film. This is so surreal. I dreamed about a movie like this last summer. In my dream the movie was animated Shrek Style. Oh my goodness! You need Dream Works!!! Maybe it’s meant to be.

  • Riley

    Wait!THey better put all the videos somewhere in the movie.Becase Leeroy Jenkins is my hero and I laugh everytime i watch it.

  • Dey

    Imagine a Rick Roll at the beginning. That would be the perfect intro.

  • Bill

    They build hype for this movie, people get excited to see it, everyone’s sitting in the theater, the previews play, and then the music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” plays. That’s the end of the movie. It’s gonna happen. I’m calling it.

  • Minocat

    I like the trailer..

    The World can be a hard and dangerous place…
    Congradulations, you won! Congradulaations, you won!

  • CJ

    omg when does this movie come out i wanna see it

  • anonymous

    No, it should Rick Roll at the end. Not the beginning, that wouldn’t make much sense.

  • bob


  • Kevin

    Honestly,make the movie.

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